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My animation is in the finals, NEED YOUR VOTE one last time, ASAP!

2007-08-08 19:55:28 by rvyn

Everyone! A few weeks ago, at Tom's encouraging, a lot of you voted for me on, an online competition for which my animation, Fetal, was a semi finalist.

Well, I'm now in the top 5 competiting for the final prize, and I need your votes even more to get that 10,000 dollar grand prize!

All you need to do is go to ?stage=11

Register, and vote for Arvin Bautista's Fetal: Special Edition!

I'm currently in SECOND PLACE, having slipped from first in the past few hours, and voting ends this friday! I need all the help I can get, as soon as I can get it!

Thanks everyone, and please continue to support your fellow artists!


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2008-10-24 21:18:29

I'm back!