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Help my animation win 10,000 dollars and send me to Austin!

2007-07-17 20:47:27 by rvyn

My animation, Fetal, is currently in the top 10 on Famecast, an online talent competition (I'm in the Animation stage), and I NEED YOUR VOTES NOW! If I make the top 5 by the end of next Friday, I get to fly to Austin (never been), and if I make the grand prize, I win 10 GRAND!

Please just go to d_id=89

register (it's quick and spamless I promise), and vote for me in STAGE 11 (ANIMATION).

In other news, Season 3 of Famecast is accepting submissions now, so you guys should submit and try your hand at the prize yourself! I promise to vote for you if you vote for me (I get an email notifying me of any user that votes for me and their username, so I'll know!)

In order to advance, we had to make another submission that involved one of the sponsors (I chose Pepsi), a choice of a line of dialogue (That's what she said!), and a nonhuman character (an inanimate object). I had a good idea that's referenced in the animation, but I couldn't make it work plus it turned out to be eerily similar to a film shown on On the Lot. So I had to make a flash animation in 5 hours to make the deadline!

You can see it on Newgrounds here:

Help my animation win 10,000 dollars and send me to Austin!


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2007-07-17 21:04:50

Good luck with the competition! Sorry I haven't had a chance to plug it on the front page yet... Been a bit BUSY this week. :)


2007-07-17 21:26:40

Alright awesome good luck


2007-07-19 22:33:13

I did it just for you >:D


2007-07-20 15:27:04

I was about to vote but it said the voting was closed....


2007-07-21 16:59:50

I'm too late for voting :(

I remember your "aLiveJournal" series from 2002, but then kinda lost track of it. Nice to see you still around and congrats on making it into the finals!


2007-07-21 18:17:35

So ur a pinoy right but ur living and Ur living on states i am right?? Im too late the voting is closed sorry but i think u'v won the contest... and Good luck to Austin dude!!!


2007-07-23 20:22:35

Hey, do you know how the contest turned out? I voted for you :)